Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I’ll never wash this hand again!

This hand has shaken many amazing artistic hands at the ComicCon, hands that have made an impact on my hand as an artist. These include Doug Tennapel (Earthworm Jim), Steve Purcell (Sam and Max), and Brian Froud (The Dark Crystal). But the one hand I felt the most honor in shaking was the living legend of Mr. Ray Harryhausen. WOW!!! I feel so lucky that all of my hero’s are a bunch of friendly down-to-earth guys.
The only regret that I have is that I did not get a copy of Tennapel’s latest graphic novel Iron West because it sold out, which is really great for him!

Keep flipping the pages!


Kenfield said...

As a follow I did get a comic at Tennapel’s booth that Katie and I just love, Frankie Franco’s “Morning Latte!” A really cute comic about a witch and her cat. (Thanks Frankie, I hope I didn’t embarrass you.)
I also, bumped into Cliff Cramp and Ryan Agadoni who gave me a preview of comic book he's working on. It looks awesome!
Great to see you guys!

Kenfield said...

I really need to public thank Matt Wilson for taking me to the ComicCon! He and I have gone together to the Con for the last 3 years!

Ryan said...

I'm glad I ran into you there!

Isn't Steve Purcell a nice guy?

Comic Con is so cool. You get to meet all your heroes.

frak said...

No worries you didn't embarass me. HA ha

Kenfield said...


I just got Iron West in the mail!