Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Music Video

Over a month ago I made storyboards for an independent music video for The Submarines. Well, it's all done and ready for viewing! You can watch it currently on Editor Jeff Bartsch's website. The video was produced by Jeff Edwards and directed by Josh Forbes, founders of Winch & Pulley.

If you want to see the storyboards that I made:


Kenfield said...

I just realized that I got 2 frames in the wrong place!


luminarumbra said...

Wow, Josh! I'm... I'm almost in disbelief. Amazing! Well done! Congratulations!

Kenfield said...

Thank you Lumi!

Randall Knutson said...

So the four people that you mention working on this are Jeff, Jeff, Josh and Josh. Cool! Great news by the way!

jeff said...

Good stuff, dude. Thanks for all your work on the project!

-Jeff (the Editor)

Ryan said...

That's awesome, Josh!