Friday, January 25, 2008

More Comic Con ’07 Starring Us!

Hi everyone, Josh here!
Sorry for not posting anything for a while.
This is kind of old news but a few months ago Ryan Agadoni shared this video with me. It’s from comic artist Rob Scrab and it covers his visit to last years Comic Con. (To read more about Rob check out my July Comic Con '07 post.) About a minute into the video, at the part where Rob is discussing the SCUD poster art with colorist Jack Grey, look in the background. You might recognize Katie, Amy (Ryan Agadoni’s wife), Frankie Franco, and myself. Katie is wearing her now iconic knitted Princess Lea cap.

Now I can finally say that I’m in a Rob Scrab video!!

Speaking of Katie’s cap, it was quite a hit and everyone kept complementing her for it. At one point while we were looking a stand a guy behind the table told Katie "Wow! Cool hat!" He then ask Katie if she we mind taking a picture with him. Katie said yes and suddenly he pulled out a small Ken size doll of himself, handed it to Katie, and took a picture! After taking back his miniature clone he said thanks and gave Katie a small button with the words "" on it. We went to the website and found this picture!I guess that wraps up our fifteen mintues of pseudo fame!