Thursday, November 15, 2007


I’ve finally finished my little project which is currently titled "Plato Journey."
This is a short comic booklet that acts a proposal piece for a graphic novel.Once the reader goes through the short wordless comic they will come across the following text:

This is a project I have wanted to attempt ever since I was a junior in college, and it has gone through various forms of evolution to become what you see now. This booklet is a proposal piece for a graphic novel that I would like to fully develop. I wanted to use a creative platform to present comparisons between Plato’s philosophy and Christian Theology. The idea began as a book where Plato would have a night long discussion with an angelic being over a fire in some ruins. (For a time I thought it could also become a two man play.)
But one day I drew this sketch and I realized that the topic of this book could be explored through more than simply a dialogue between two characters.It could be a journey filled with locations, creatures, people, and events that present the discussions in the book both visually, and through the text/dialogue.
The angelic being will also act as a guardian protecting and guiding Plato through this journey against evil/demonic forces that seek to either destroy or convert him. There is no complete script written for this project because I lack the skills and knowledge of both Plato’s work and Christian Theology to create such a story. What I seek is a person who can provide the topics/issues that should be discussed and how those discussions should be played out. If possible, I also seek a capable author who can work with me in developing the complete narrative, while I provide all needed visuals. Together we would decide on the most effective way to tell the story, utilizing images and dialogue to portray these complex concepts.
Due to the subject matter, this book may not be a mainstream seller; instead I see it being of use in more educational circles. By making it a graphic novel, I hope to draw interest from a broader audience than just philosophy and theology majors. These drawings are not final nor are the character designs. I plan to apply a more stylized design for the look of the settings and characters.

So with all this I’m basically saying, this is what I can do, but I need other people’s skills to help in creating a complete graphic novel.
It’s been an interesting learning process working on this project. I have learned the more proper way of inking a page even though I drew the entire project using a regular ballpoint pen. If I actually get to work on the real graphic novel, I plan to use more appropriate inking tools.

If any of you would like to have a copy of this booklet or if you know someone who would, please send me an email at: It’s available both as a printed booklet and a PDF document. If possible, a donation of $5 would be helpful to cover the cost of printing and mailing.

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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Kenfield Trivia Question of the Day

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