Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Drawing Barenaked Ladies!

Josh here, I have some exciting news!

I have recently drawn storyboards for the latest Barenaked Ladies music video and now it's ready to be viewed!! The video is of the song Wind It Up from latest BNL album Barenaked Ladies Are Me. The video was put together by Winch and Pulley the same production team that did The Submarines music video (see last post). Thank you Josh and Jeff for this great opportunity!

Below are my the storyboards:

If you are ready to see the actual video:

If you want to see a slightly higher resolution version go to Yahoo! Music and click on the title of the video (Wind It Up) in the music video section.

Kenfield Trivia:
When watching the video keep yours eyes open for a cameo. I'll give you a hint, look for the long haired beauty that pushes the past the Rockness Monster (the professional Asian air guitarist with big hair) at the end of the video.