Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Coming Soon

For the past year I have been working very slowly on a Christmas themed project. It is an animatic which is basically a storyboard that is put on film and edited with music and sound effects, an animated storyboard. This animatic is a fake teaser trailer for a film that does not exist (at least not yet). These are the rough sketches that I made over a year ago, which I have now finished painting in Photoshop. It has taken me a year to paint all of this because it was the very first piece I'd made using my tablet; I had to figure out how to paint this as I was making it. It is also something that I have been working on inch by inch whenever I have had time between other projects.

The animatic trailer is finally completed thanks to my dear friend Michael Olson, who spent 6 hours straight editing it with me over his shoulder. He created exactly what I envisioned and MORE! I love this man!

As soon as I figure out how I plan to premier the teaser trailer on this blog. If you can't wait till then and you want to see the video now just let me know ( and I'll send a high quality version to you.

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