Friday, May 14, 2010

Graphic Novel Progress - Josh

If I've appeared to be unsocial to anyone these last couple of months, it's mainly because I've devoted any moment I can spare on a graphic novel project. This is the same one I mentioned in a PAST POST. It's a Christmas story that deals with Scrooge and Santa. The story was written by Matthew Wilson.
I'm about halfway through the 3rd act, so the end is almost in sight. Right now the book is in black and white and soon to be colored. A Lettrist is currently working on all the text. Here are a few page samples of my work-in-progress (the font is not final). This is my first graphic novel and comic book, so it's been a real learning experience.


KJ Kenfield said...

Hey Josh it looks good so far. Anxious to see it in color.

vespreardens said...

Scrooge as a modern-day micro-managing capitalist businessman? Now I'm *really* curious.

The work looks great! I look forward to seeing it when it's done!

James said...

I second that!