Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patrick’s Day Project – 02 (Josh)

This is an ongoing annual project that I try to add more to every March. Check out my last POST on this. Sadly, all I have to show right now are just some rough pen sketches from my small sketch pad.
For this year I’ve included an addition to the stone chamber with the pot of gold. This room is round, and lined with Stonehenge-like arched pillars. Many vines and roots cover the room flowing out from the ceiling which is designed to look like the underside of a huge tree and its roots. This will hopefully suggest that the audience is standing beneath an enormous tree that was seen on top of the exterior of the attraction. After the magical event takes place (see last POST), the many roots and vines magically come to life. In the arch opposite of the entrance, the vines and roots collect together like fingers of snakes and form in the center a large face of the mysterious Green Man.The face come to life and welcomes (in an ominous manner) the guests to a magical realm of Celtic folklore.He then introduces the audience to various elements and creatures of Celtic folklore. As he does so, vines and roots part in various arches to reveal ancient relief images of the subject manner the Green Man speak of. Once his presentation is complete and all the arches (including the one the visitors entered through) display their images, the Green Man bids them to enter his realm. The plant work that formed his face parts to reveal an exit to the next part of the attraction (a motion simulator). Once the visitors leave, the vines close and the room resets itself for the next group.I drew these sketches of my version of Leprechauns (sadly I have not had time to color and render any of these drawings). Based on various descriptions of these little people, I learned that they burrow into the earth and that some have large pointy hats. So I decided to combine these two elements by giving them hats that can act as drills which they use by magically spinning fast so as to dig into the earth. Aside from red vests, I picture them with very earthy tones to match their forest environments.My Leprechauns also have bodies and digits resembling a frog’s. This is so they can jump fast and far, along with clinging onto trees.
Hopefully I can get more made on this.


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Great stuff Josh!!

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