Saturday, April 07, 2007

The site that may never be

During October last year, I did a good chunk of drawings for a Superpowers! website. It was deigned to be completely done in Flash animation. The navigation buttons sat on the side of the main frame and were designed to look like elevator floor buttons, in fact the whole site was designed with an elevator theme.Within the main frame was an elevator room where Smiley and Darko would stand around in various poses and with small bits of animation (ex. a tapping foot). The doors would open and close revealing different areas of the site along with some fun random images. Speaking of random, if a visitor happed to press the big red button something wacky would happen. Such as . . .Sadly the web designer was unable to finish working on the site. However, he did design the opening page.
Kenfield Trivia: Even though it doesn't show too clearly, Katie created the floor design for the elevator. Ten points to anyone who finds the hidden "signature." Hint: Try tilting your head slightly to the left, standing on one foot, and whistling Dixie (purple monkey washing machine). No, but seriously, there is something hidden in the squiggles.

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