Friday, March 05, 2010

A Personal Post from Josh

As many of you know, I am currently unemployed and have been for nearly a year now. That is a sobering confession for me. Even though my family and I have kept our heads above water, it will not last forever. I need a job, one that can help support my family (a wife and a little girl who will be 2 in May). I have been searching for work through various methods but one thing that has always proven to be most effective is asking friends and associates. My last job was actually three jobs in one and I was shared between two different departments, I hope that shows I am capable of doing good work. I have never left a job on bad terms and all my employers have been happy with my work and attitude. My last job was with a bank/mortgage lender where I and the majority of my coworkers were laid off. Ever since college I have done freelance illustration work on the side and ideally I would love to work in a job field where I can put to use my artistic creative skills, but if that is not a possibility I am open to whatever is out there. We currently live in Southern California and if we need to move in order to get work, we will strongly consider it.

If you would like to contact me, please send an email to or through Facebook.
Thank you for taking the time read this.


Josh Kenfield


Darby O'Brien said...

Josh--You really need to look for work in North Texas. I was unemployed for 5 months and a great place to look are universities doing their advertising/graphics. Right now I'm at the University of Texas at Dallas doing gd. There are a lot more job opportunities here than anyplace else I've seen. Just a thought...praying for you and your wife!

Marge said...
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Kenfield said...

Thanks Darby and Marge!