Monday, June 15, 2009

A Touch Of Creativity Brings Good TV Back To Life

Katie and I have finally started watching the wonderful series of Pushing Daisies and we really enjoy it.I personally love this show in it's entertaining characters, witty dialog, great plots, and beautiful production design. The cinematography really got my attention and appreciation. It feels like the creators of this series put some evident hard work into every episode. The basic premise of the show focuses around a pie maker named Ned, who has the ability to bring the dead back to life by touching them. However, he can only keep them alive for a minute or another life is taken, a second touch will return the once dead individual back the grave. The dark material is handled in way that is surprisingly light and fun in a fairytale manner.If you're interested, here is the pilot episode:
The rest of the episodes can be watched HERE.

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so many thoughts said...

Jonathan and I loved this show! The artistic design of it was refreshing. And the characters were amazing. Olive!!!! I love her! And even Digby the dog. We were so pissed wen they canceled the show!!! >:( It was the best thing on ABC in my opinion.