Monday, April 13, 2009

Will Knit for Cash

As some of you (our loyal blog readers) know, I (Katie) have been knitting scarves for a little over two years now. They are nothing fancy, just a simple rib stitch in a single color, about six feet long and a few inches wide. As soon as I started knitting them, the first thing everyone wanted to know was whether I had thought about selling them. Well, I’ve made excuses long enough. I have finally taken the plunge and opened an online “etsy” shop. For those of you who are wondering what that means, “etsy” (pronounced “et-C”) is kind of like the folksy, craft fair version of ebay. All items bought and sold on the site must be handmade or have vintage appeal. I have no idea whether I’ll sell anything but I thought it was worth a shot. You can find my shop at I have also started a separate blog for those of you interested in pictures and descriptions of some of the fun things I make, you can find that at So spread the word. There are scarves to be bought!

Just to see who's paying attention, the FIRST person to make a comment on Katie's new BLOG gets a FREE SCARF!

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