Saturday, March 22, 2008


Katie's birthday was on Wednesday (3/19) and I’m a little behind on announcing this, but better late then never.
Kenfield Trivia Question: What fictional character does Katie share her birthday with?
Answer: Number 6, the main character from the 1960’s miniseries The Prisoner, created by and starring Patrick McGooen.Katie pointed this fact out to me when I showed her the first episode of The Prisoner, where in Number 6 states his birth date quite clearly. I’m just terrible at remembering birthdays and Katie (knowing this) showed me that if her birth date ever slips my mind, all I have to do is pop in the pilot episode of The Prisoner (I own the complete series on DVD) and Patrick McGooen will tell me.A quick side note: In just about every episode there is always this funny little Butler who appears to work for the head honcho of The Village, called Number 2. Number 2 is played by a different person in every episode, in fact the cast is always changing except for Number 6 and the little Butler.
On her birthday I drew this card for Katie:It opens from the middle.


luminarumbra said...

Happy birthday, Katie!

Danielle said...

Happy birthday 'cousin' Katie! Hope to meet you one day. :-)

Danielle said...

Thought of you guys when I saw this. :-)

Kenfield said...

LOL!!! That was some great stuff Danielle. I wish I thought of the Jabba bean bag.