Friday, October 12, 2007

Josh's Update

Hi everyone, Josh here! Long-time-no-post!
Much has happened or is happening.
I got to draw my first coloring book! It was a fun little project for a surfing themed book designed to resemble a surfing sport magazine.There is also a small project that I worked on a while ago but I forgot to post about it. I got to storyboard my first infomercial! This was done within a 24 hour period, in that I got called by the advertising company one morning and they wanted the storyboards done around the same time the following day. The infomercial was for a device called a Jog’R, which is a strap that’s designed to help you jog-in-place.Currently, I am wrapping up work on my Plato project! I’ve been slowly working on this for about a year now, mainly because I was unable to touch it for an almost two semester period. It’s so nice to finally have time to sit down and focus on this without other jobs getting in the way. I’ll create a post explaining all about this personal project as soon as it’s done.


Andrea said...

It's fun to see what you are up to on the work front. Thanks for sharing.

_Shane said...

Lookin' good Josh! Keep up the great work!

Kenfield said...

Thanks guys!

Linds said...

hooray! you're still alive! (so's jake deshazer & mitsuo fuchida by the way, they're just being ridiculously stubborn)

Kenfield said...

Really?! That's Awesome!!
Good to hear from you linds!