Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Comic Con, As Viewed From Beneath Princess Leia's Buns (by Katie)

For me Comic Con was really just an excuse to draw the envious gazes of fellow geeks with my knit Princess Leia hat. Even Michael Cera (who played George Michael on the hit TV show Arrested Development) made the comment, "Cool hat," as he and his entourage passed us while we stood in line for the Fururama panel. I posed for about a hundred pictures with strangers and had to explain to just about everyone I talked to that, "Yes, I did knit it myself. No, you can’t buy them already made. No, I can’t knit one and sell it to you because it’s not my own design but if you want to purchase the pattern and knit one for yourself, go to" I’m actually going to contact Ansley Davies, creator of the knit Leia, and find out if she would be interested in having a booth next year. If we both started knitting now, we could have at least a hundred hats ready to sell at Comic Con '08. We could make a killing! We’ll see.
Anyway, as Josh mentioned yesterday, the overall Comic Con highlight for me was getting to shake the hand of the brilliantly funny and talented Mike Nelson. He was pleasant and personable and smelled good too- a welcome respite from some of the unearthly body odor I came into contact with throughout the weekend. He signed the DVD we bought from his booth- Night of the Living Dead, complete with his own witty and entertaining running commentary- and thanked us for being such big fans. Yeah, just big fans- it’s probably good that he doesn’t know I was mildly stalking him for a few months last year. What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him I guess. Anyway, Josh and I failed to capture any proof of this friendly exchange between us and one of our favorite people due to the fact that the camera was sitting in Matt Wilson’s car about eight blocks away, so I guess you’ll just have to take our word for it. The following moments; however, were preserved for posterity and are presented here for your viewing pleasure… Help me Obi Wan Kenobi, I’m surrounded by geeks in San Diego.
Would somebody get this walking pile of Legos out of my way? Does anybody else smell that?Q: What’s better than one knit Leia?A: Three knit Leias!We tried to bum some pipe weed off this guy but he was fresh out…hmmm, why am I not surprised?Is that what my hair looks like from the back?If I kiss it, will it turn into a prince?No, it will just try to eat Josh……and so will this thing if he’s not careful.
Some of the other amusing sights at Comic Con ’07 were…Spongebob and the voice of Spongebob - try to guess which one is made of Legos!A guy dressed as a half-witted robot dressed as a green dog - so disturbing, yet so profound.MUPPETS! Josh is just inches away from touching Kermit inappropriately but if you could see who was just out of frame trying to touch Josh inappropriately, you’d be horrified.It was quite a weekend. Even The Flash needed a nap by the end of it.
All in all, it was a fabulous weekend of the geekiest indulgences. Thanks again to our friend Matt Wilson for letting us stay with him Saturday night (on Mickey's dime)- that hotel room was bigger than our house! I hope next year we can go for the full four day experience (even if it is on our own dime). You are all invited to join us- I’ll even give you a discount on a knit Leia!


Sheila D. Staves said...

I've never gone to this type of convention, but now I feel like I have. Great storytelling!

Ryan said...

Excellent recap, I love the picture captions! Hi-larious. Fun times.

Matt said...

Great pictures! I'm glad I could provide you with some Mouse-bankrolled accomodations. And thanks again for letting me talk your ear (or buns, as it were) off about a certain situation.

mjs said...

how did i miss the muppets? what happened there? the highlight of the trip for me was meeting you two in line, of course. oh, and maybe the neil gaiman panel. and the futurama panel. but you guys are RIGHT UP there.

please let em know how i can get in on the knitting production line.

Wilhelmina said...

Great work.