Friday, July 06, 2007

This One's For The Kids - by Josh

Well, all my work is done on the summer camp program. It wasn't really completed but it did finally end due to time.
One of the projects I worked on is this small four page comic that acts as a flyer for the camp program. This is my real first attempt at drawing and coloring a comic book, lettering and graphics not included.The following images are the cast of superhero characters featured in the program. The drawings were made to be a series of posters, one for each character. I was not able to color all of them. Graphics such as font and logos were added later.
For those out there who know a certain friend of mine, this entire curriculum was created by Steve Burrows!


Megan said...

These are awesome Josh! Great job, you've really captured the comic book coloring style.

Kenfield said...

Thanks Meg!