Sunday, July 26, 2009

Shock-A-Con - by Josh

I just got back from Comic Con '09 and had a total geek-fest!
The guys I went with somehow got a room at the new Hilton that is literally next door to the San Diego Convention Center. This year (like every year) Katie and I made a T-Shirt for the occasion:Katie and Sofie stayed home for this year's Con but she was there in spirit through the way I collected autographs. Katie came up with an idea to make a Comic Con Autograph Clock:Clock Wise - Bill Corbett (RiffTrax/MST3K-Crow), Mike Mignola (Hellboy), Steve Purcell (Sam & Max), Iain McCaig (Concept Artist-Star Wars), Gis Gimly (Illustrator), Jeff Smith (Bone comic), Bridget Jones (MST3K), Tom Fulp (The Behemoth-Castle Crashers game), Kevin Murphy (RiffTrax/MST3K-Tom Servo), Dan Paladin (Artist-The Behemoth), Doug TenNapel (Earthworm Jim/many graphic novels), Mike Nelson (MST3K-host)

I realize that I never posted about Comic Con last year ('08) but it was also a blast! Not only did Katie and Sofie join me but there was the 20th anniversary for Mystery Science Theater 3000 and I got to be on an actual Comic Con panel for the showing of short film Superpowers! Katie made an outfit for Sofie which we had our "heroes" sign.Clockwise, starting with the sleeve- Trace Beaulieu (Cinematic Titanic/MST3K-Crow/Dr. Forester), Kevin Murphy (see above), Frank Conniff (Cinematic Titanic/MST3K-TV's Frank), Rob Schrab (Scud/Robot Bastard), Bill Corbett (see above), Joel Hodgson (Cinematic Titanic/MST3K-Host), Mike Nelson (see above), Steve Purcell (see above), Dough TenNapel (see above).

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

An Oh So Sweet Moon Landing

What do get when you mix too much free time, staying up past midnight, watching Space Movies all day, eating nothing but sugar and diet coke?

A true work of art!